Lisa Brunetti – A Journey (15/11/2018 – 15/01/2019)

Museo Portoviejo – Portoviejo Ecuador (Manabi Province)

Lisa shares her profound connection with the natural world through writings and water-media paintings of flora and fauna. She usually works in watercolor for small studies and switches to acrylics for larger works.

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Concerned with the rapid deforestation in Ecuador’s provice of Manabi, she tries – when possible – to call attention to our planet’s failing health. The landscape has been greatly altered in the ten years she has lived there, and losing the canopy also affects the climate and a rapid decline of species.

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The upcoming exposition, which opens at Museo Portoviejo/ Manabi Province/Ecuador on November 15, 2018, will showcase many Ecuadorian species. Ongoing studies of pre-Colombian artifacts will also be included. These studies will allow the viewer an ‘up-close’ inspection of some of her favorite birds, flowers – and even artifacts, many from the Bahia and Jama Coaque cultures.  At times the paintings have a serious tone; others reflect a touch of whimsy.

P1860680 FROGGY black eyed susans
Froggy – Watercolor
P1800570 blue morpho type butterfly acrylic watercolor
The model for ‘Full House”
00 P1840837 FULL HOUSE - HIBISCUS BUTTERFLIES acrylic large square
detail: Full House

A third section of this Journey through Lisa’s life in Manabi will feature an eclectic series. Moving from Jama to Poza Honda/Santa Ana after the earthquake, she converted a few relics from her home into unique interior items; some of these will be on exhibit as well!

P1720826 casa loca y more
RIP – Memories from Casa Loca/Rio Jama

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Poza Honda - Manabi Province- EcuadorPoza Honda - Manabi Province- Ecuador
Poza Honda – New species; new environment slowly changing – one tree at a time…
P1570013 timeout for art van gogh table
A painted window panel from Casa Loca has a new life as a table at Poza Honda.
P1840003 1 pm equinox shadow door straight ahead
Stop for a noon equinox moment!

The best method to comprehend the complex nature of this exhibition will be to come see for yourself! Come meet her at the opening reception on Nov. 15 at 7:00 pm! See you there!

Setting up for Watercolor Study of Pre-Colombian Artifact –

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