Sketchbook & Notes

Working from just-taken photo on camera – Hint: it’s a Sparrow that lives in Ecuador’s Cloud Forest…
P1030355 BANANAQUIT IN HOUSE small file
OK, Bananaquit – No Talking! – No kidding!


“No Talking Zone’ ahead;  you may enter quietly but please don’t disturb that artist at work!  Until the work is finished, critiques and suggestions can throw an artist’s concentration off balance, and the essence of the moment evaporates.   You are welcome to visit as long as you respect the No-talking Zone!

lisa in bamboo sketch

P1220716 ready for yachana art supplies and reference books
Mandatory materials for a journey to Rio Napo, gateway to the Amazon.

P2150320 great antshrike in progress w botanical details


She was not expecting to receive this drawing! (Otavalo, Ecuador)


Will update when possible; right now a painting is waiting my attention! 🙂  Lisa

0 P2250879 lisa brugmansia by melissa

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