Floor: “Solomon’s knots and Circle” – ACRYLIC ON PLYWOOD – The painting to the left is a double-sided painting that protects the window when closed.
Acrylic on Concrete – landing outside apartment in Mindo Ecudor
Acrylic detail – before varnish
“The Magic Carpet” in progress – Acrylic on Concrete — Jama Ecuador – Photo by Barbara Seibel
The Flying Tortuga….
The Magic Carpet might need a compass —
Faces inspired by a golden artifact in the Manta Ecuador Museo.
Each section was finished then protected with varnish before the next section began…

More hand-painted designs on concrete floors:

Time consuming, but worth the wait!  What do you think?


  1. My name is Lori, I live in California. I just got my first paint on concrete commission. It is for an outdoor concrete counter top. Can you offer me any advice on paint and sealer. Does the concrete need to be bare, no base other than primer? Best primer?


    • Hi Lori, and congratulations!! Yay!

      I helped friends in Costa Rica w/an outdoor kitchen counter, and it went well – except that over the years the colors faded really really fast..

      I advise going to a good paint store and asking them which product to use and if they will guarantee the finish.. if you use an oil=based finish, it will yellow over time and with heat it yellows faster.. i use, when possible, acrylic-based finishes that clean up with water — for floors if possible, and it is often difficult to find any product made for that.. if it is for floors, then it is much more resistant to abuse….

      a finish with UV filters would be ideal.

      the last time i looked in the usa, it was an entire day searching for a product and not finding much of anything… here in ecuador, where i’ve lived for ten years, there are acrylic-based products…

      i always prep the surfaces myself and if there are little cracks in teh concrete, i know where they area.. i prep the floors with a concrete type sealer acrylic base.. then two or three coats of white for the true base, then have fun painting!!! it’s the finish that is most important.

      feel free to email me, lisa, tzeebra@yahoo. you know what at the end of that address — though i am only online a few times each week.


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