People say that I bring the outdoors inside.  Sometimes it’s through realism and other times with a touch of whimsy.   A tiny splash of color adds interest, and big splash of color adds drama.  Surely the larger-than-life heliconia below would attract unique hummingbird pollinators?…

P1090911 heliconia acrylic and shadows
This heliconia painting brightens a sitting area near stairway – Mindo Ecuador

P1090486 stair and balcony project END OF DAY JAN 05

P1100360 timeout for art paso mano
Painted bamboo rails prepare the visitor for an injection of color.
P1100801 faux concrete floor and hardened varnish
Hand-painted concrete floor meets old floor.
P1120431 endemic to the artist's nest
Whimsical “Endemic Art”
P1010910 artist nest
The Artist’s Nest! – Mindo Ecuador
P1010914 artists nest
Mindo’s cloud forests keeps one immersed in nature; perhaps it’s time for sleep and sweet dreams – and be ready for early-morning birding!

Meanwhile on Ecuador’s Pacific Coast, step into Casa Loca…  oops, here’s what it looked like before the makeover:

river house bodega P1560024 BEORE
Bodega before…
P1700520 bodega floor first mano of varnish
Bodega – after the Magic Carpet makeover… Acrylic on Concrete
P1890458 tour studio smiles casa loca
Casa Loca – Jama Ecuador – Even the floor is painted!*    — * The earthquake affected the riverbank and two corners of the house, but the floor did not receive one crack!


hand painted concrete floor
Yes, that’s paint!

P1000044 hand painted concrete floor

Let’s peek upstairs…

0 P8170025 TIMEOUT kitchen sinkP8170031 timeout for art kitchen sink

Upstairs at Casa Loca –  Before the window seat was installed: hand-painted wooden floor, double-sided painting on hinges to protect and secure window.  Sit and swing for a while!

Other projects:  Misc hotels and hostals – below

Hotel Andino – Quito Ecuador
Hostal Ciragan wall art
Hostal Ciragan wall art – Jama Ecuador
P1250734 kopal pizzeria
Bathroom corner -Kofal Hostal – Baeza Ecuador
P1280812 hotel andino room7
Bathroom – Hotel Andino – Quito Ecuador
P1220958 hotel andino bathroom
Hotel Andino -Quito Ecuador – Mirrors double the viewing pleasure!

A final image, painted at Palo Santo Cafe – Jama Ecuador…
P1780592 iguana detail palo santo
What’s next?!!

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